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Jaemy Choong calls himself the movie postcard mashup guy. He loves of his friends and blending them into his quirky world of famous movie poster cards. Recently he has ditched humans for and this is the result.

Amazing Retro Godzilla Art

Amazing Retro Godzilla Art

This Island Earth, 1955 B movie that was popular for its special effects at the time it was released. Tells the story of Exeter who comes to Earth seeking help from our scientists on a doomed mission to save his planet, Metaluna, from the Zagons.

Cinemacom presents posters & essay on the 41 best science fiction movies from 1950 to

In case of giant radioactive monsters... : Photo

Toho and Daiei need to get their lawyers together and finally make a Godzilla vs. Gamera movie actually happen. (Famous Monsters of Filmland Gamera vs.

Almost literally the same poster, but a slightly different angle

Destroy All Monsters (American International, - lots of Godzilla poster at site

godzilla vs King Kong

godzilla vs King Kong appear to be in the process of getting a divorce!