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True story

Often the worst of times are what lead us to the best of times because all we go through inspires us to grow into our very best self.

Forgive them

This is for Michael may you find peace and love and all that you deserve my dear sweet man!

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You can't reach for anything new if your hands are still full of yesterday's junk ~ LouiseSmith

However don't let the bad days add up to a big crappy ass festival of a life either. Just sayin ;)

Don't ever let a bad day make you feel like you have a bad life. Don't let a bad day get to you.

I absolutely love this line of thinking!

This ONE agreement truly set me free."There is a huge amount of freedom that comes to you when you take nothing personally." ~ Don Miguel Ruiz ~


Giving up on a goal because of a set back is like slashing your other 3 tires because you got a flat.

You never looked "nice", you are exquisite. You're my favorite work of art.

She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn't supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something.

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Bad news is: You cannot make people like, love understand, validate, accept, or be nice to you. You can`t control them either. Good news is: IT DOESN`T MATTER.