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My whole body trembles. The knife prods my back. I can't die. After all this way. The staff is gone. I'm being walked to my death. How did things go downhill so fast? Pyrus is screaming and fighting the guards with no avail. Coy is still lying unconscious. My only thought is of Hugo, and how he'll here about this and blame himself. He did it all to protect us. Look how that turned out.

-shrieks and falls into a deep dark chasm where emotions rip apart my soul- NOOOOOOOOOOO

T H E _ C O L L E C T O R

When the gang comes to Arius's place and they see all the guns and are like 'dude what the hell?

this isn't happiness.

Based in Los Angeles, photographer Nicolas Jandrain has travelled a lot and, each time, he comes back with very beautiful cliches. Here’s “Shanghai

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≈ n drama student//Scorpio//infp ≈ it is now my duty to completely drain you