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Explore Congenital Cataracts, Three Fast and more!

Congenital cataracts is a clouding of the eye’s lens present at birth.

14 Reasons Why You Want Your Surgeon to “Clean Up” After Cataract Removal | About Eyes LECs are naturally occurring cells that line the capsular bag . Here are 14 reasons why a cataract surgeon should do a Lens Epithelial Cell (LEC) “clean up” after cataract surgery. #LEC #lensepithelialcells #phimosis…

This Is What It's Like To Live With Eye Conditions Such As Glaucoma

For Cataract Awareness Month we’re highlighting some awareness information about cataracts. Our second is in the form of a question. To help you with this one, we’ll provide a clue - the natural lens of the eye is replaced with an artificial one during surgery. Good Luck!

Is Sutureless Cataract Surgery All Wet? | About Eyes Fully one-third (33%) of sutureless corneal wounds leak after cataract surgery with only one ounce of pressure on the eye! In my mind this is an unacceptably high rate of wound leakage #CataractSurgery #ReSure #sealant #Sutureless

Recently, we’ve been presenting facts and information about cataracts. Let’s dispel some of the myths we commonly hear about this condition. For more information click on the link.