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bulldog on ice

As the summer approaches you need to know how to stay cool in the heat. It happens every year, before you know it the summer is upon you in all it’s humid and muggy glory. You set out for work .

Aww, poor thing!  lol

Hope his little bulldog body was ok! ~ NOT FUNNY. This is dangerous animal abuse. This breed of dog has trouble breathing to begin with, let alone after you bury him under 50 pounds of sand.

♥ Baggy Bulldogs ♥

Top 10 Funny Bulldogs - A Funny Bulldog Videos Compilation 2015 Here are top 10 funny videos of funny bulldogs. It's 10 funniest bulldog videos that we found recently. Bulldogs are awesome. So check out this funny bulldog compilation.

ridiculously cute

He's running just as fast as those little, chubby puppy legs can carry him! lol, so cute!

So freaking cute!! But my Remy is cuter!!

hello beautiful you look amazing today! dog funny bulldog mirror bathroom towel by Cathi-d

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Bro dog. pic.twitter.com/NXRjPY5trz

Cute Emergency on

Siblings ... they can tire you out!

Four bull dog puppies rolling out of dog bed: Some days it's almost impossible to get up and start moving! - Give your friends a smile: share this!

I would certainly make one of these for Honey. She would be sooooo excited to get the attention.

Yes, go ahead…

Best dog sign ever. I LOVE English Bulldogs, so I'd be this guys best friend until his human came back, then I wouldn't want them to leave.

Bath? Ain't nobody got time for that

Our bulldog would have broken the dishwasher door. Molly would be licking either food or wash water off every last dish"

I am going to die.

Funny pictures about Signs that summer is coming. Oh, and cool pics about Signs that summer is coming. Also, Signs that summer is coming.

Can't Stand The Heat.  And let's face it, here in California we don't get Winter.  We go from hot to warm back to hot again.

Can’t Stand The Heat