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Philishave Tracer.

Philishave Tracer.

Evolution de la télévision

The Evolution of Television Sets [Infographic] - How the TV has evolved over the years.


Fashion is just like a circle. Whe the popular gadget in the jumped to now, it's still so fashionable such as LG Classic TV. The LG Classic TV features a

The Sixties....in black and white.  Yup... this was it.... no remotes.  Nope.  Them were the days.  haha... We thought!

The Sixties.in black and white. As the youngest in the family, I was an integral part of the rabbit ears, OFTEN

Dieter Rams | Braun TP1, Portable Transistor Radio and Phonograph, 1959

oyeahdesign: “ TP 1 Radio/Phono Combination Design: Dieter Rams for Braun, 1959 ”

1978 JVC 3100R Video Capsule Television/Radio

1978 JVC Video Capsule Television/Radio - I want to rebuild one of these with modern tech inside!