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One Direction- Niam moment! Get a damn camera!

If anybody wants to be added to this board just comment here and I will try to add all of you as quickly as I can.

Zayn's being really helpful ------- Hahahahaha! xD

Zayn's being really helpful :D >>> don't strain yourself Louis XD <<< the Queen doesn't "touch" his fellow peasants. >>> we all know Liam's doing all the work Xx

En los TCA

One Direction - Teen Choice Awards Performance 2013 (Video): Photo One Direction takes the stage for a performance of their song

Lets sing a song! If u know the next line in the song then add to the previous one. I'll get us started. Lets see how many directioners we can get to participate! Just go to the comments and sing along with me! Don't leave me hanging! I'm following any directioner who comments.

Click through to see the latest RP tally and please feel free to hit that GIVE RESPECT button. Have a beautiful week Directioners and Happy Birthday Zayn!


hahahahahahahaha this is so funny one direction short (nialls is the funniest)