20160302radCantonAveLocal02-1 A pickup truck takes on Canton Ave. in Pittsburgh's Beechview neighborhood Wednesday. It is street the steepest in the United States.

26 Rankings That Prove Pittsburgh is Better Than Every Other City: It’s no secret that Pittsburgh loves Pittsburgh. But so does everyone else it seems. And this article is the proof.... Read this →

Strawberry Way in downtown Pittsburgh: Most of the cities oldest buildings have been torn down, a few Civil War or Antebellum bldgs have survived and can still be found in this alleyway; like the 1850s bldg on the right. This street is a remnant of Pittsburgh's original street plan of 1784.

Pittsburgh will always be known as the “Steel City,” but a visit to the town now reveals a fresh new identity – as a hub for innovation, arts and culture.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania by Dave Dicello Photography

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