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Macbook Sleeve - Modern bright watercolor white ampersand symbol ($60) ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring accessories, tech accessories and macbook sleeve

Surf Foam Wash Shampoo - 250ml/8.5oz

short blonde straight coloured Womens haircut hairstyles for women

Ethiopian Stacked Choker

Hand strung in Ethiopia Made of authentic Ethiopian brass or silver beads Necklace can be double wrapped and worn as a choker African Beads have a long history of being used as currency and a signific

State Wire Wrapped Bangle Bracelet

Blind Leading the Blind: Essential Oils in Eye Care

Essential Oils in the eyes: "Conclusions –Undiluted essential oils should not be applied to the eyes. –It is rash to suggest that essential oils are commonly used to treat eye problems. –Eye injuries and diseases are medical conditions, and any product claiming to treat them is a medicine, subject to drug legislation. –There is currently no evidence that applying dilutions of essential oil into the eyes will be beneficial in any condition..."

All-Sensitive™ Body Formula

Aveda All-Sensitive™ Body Formula. Body oil for sensitive skin and scalp, aroma-free, fragrance-free. Contains Jojoba oil, Soybean oil & Vitamin E. Available @ Aveda salons and Canadian salons that sell Aveda products. #unscented #scentfree #fragrancefree

14kt gold and diamond single band moonstone ring – Luna Skye

eucalyptus: Add 2 drops to 1 cup water, pour on the hot rocks in a sauna. Breathe deeply. -Use in a diffuser near bedside for clear breathing. Now, get some rest! -Add 12 drops per 1 oz. Aveda Hand Relief lotion and massage aching muscles. Good as new. 10. Place 7-10 drops on hotel room floor for fresh air. Just like home (almost). 11. Place 2-5 drops on shower floor for an vigorating shower experience. Place 2-5 drops in bowl of steaming water, place towel over head and breathe…

Planet Laboratories Aveda Cherry Creek