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Lemon Cucumbers salad + Italian Basil Pesto Recipe

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Mouse Melon - Cucamelon - Miniature Watermelon - Rare Fruit Vine - Melothria scabra - 10 Seeds

Watermelon seeds - Golden Midget (Citrullus lanatus) Non-GMO Heirloom, Certified Organic!Ready to pick in about 65 days

Heirloom Vegetable Seeds - Golden Midget Watermelon Check out the website to see

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"Cream of Saskatchewan" Watermelon: 80 days. A beautiful little melon with sweet, tasty, cream-coloured flesh! An excellent variety for the north. Fruits around lbs each with a striped, green rind. An old heirloom.

Heirloom Seeds - Vegetable Seeds and Plants, Tomato, Red Zebra I must try this one. I love Green Zebra, but didn't know there was a Red Zebra.

Cocktail Kiwi - Mini kiwis that are super sweet Originating from Siberia, hardy to and growing up to in one season, this delightful, grapevine-like plant produces up to 400 miniature fuzz-free kiwis every year!

Green Globe Artichoke Seeds

Japanese Black Trifele Tomato Heirloom Seeds

Japanese Black Trifele Tomato is a beautifully colored mahogany with greenish shoulders. It has a Bartlett pear shape and size that is smooth with no cracks. Heavy producer all summer lon

Stripey Tomato Plant - Two Live Plants -not leggy, not plugs, not Seeds- each to Tall, grown and shipped in Inch Pots.

GARDEN Here’s a new, small cherry tomato variety from Brad Gates, Wild Boar Farms. Try the Blue Berry tomatoes!

Cherokee Purple Heirloom Tomato-LIght: Full sun Fruit size: 10 to 12 oz Matures: 80 to 90 days Plant spacing: 36 inches apart Plant size: 4 to 6 feet Plant type: Indeterminate

Carrot Purple Dragon Daucus carota 'The original Afghan carrot from which orange colours developed. Superior carotene and anti-oxidants to other carrots. A subtle and sweet, yet spicy flavour'