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Rincón del lavadero

Rincón del lavadero

Mesa Arch and Washerwoman Arch.jpg (2301×3298)

Mesa Arch and Washerwoman Arch, Arches National Park, Utah, USA. Wanderlust inspiration and ideas for travel and roadtrips.

Grandma hung all her clothes outside, carried them in a wicker laundry basket up the basement steps and outside. She as very strong!

I can still smell our laundry hanging in the sunshine, bleached white, with blueing added for extra whiteness. I hear the squeak of the clothesline reel, the fluttering of the clothes in the breeze. Laundry was an all-day event. Ironing was on Tuesday.

Woman hanging laundry on clothesline. Decorah, Iowa. ca1903-1905. Marsh Collection. State Historical Society of Iowa.

NOTE: pushed up sleeves! Woman hanging laundry on clothesline. State Historical Society of Iowa.

A Dutch Washerwoman Putting the Clothes Out to Dry, 1906

A Dutch woman in traditional clothing putting the clothes out to dry, 1906



Washerwoman - Camille Pissarro -

Here are images gridded for the use of art students and studio artists.

Old fashioned clothes pegs / pins... absolutely love mine! They look fab in antique glass jars sitting on my quilt rack shelf.

What a cheap and cool idea for decoration in a laundry room. wooden clothespins in vintage basket

Washing On A Clothing Line Photograph

Washing On A Clothing Line Poster By The Irish Image Collection. The smell of fresh washing from the line my fav smell so comforting. Interesting - the clothes in this photo are tied onto the line.