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Goofy- the only one without a Honey

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Kingdom Hearts 2 - Well Goffy forgot about his son Maxi (Max not Maxi :)) i hope there's will Max appearance, Let's find out Folks :)

Lol. I'm glad I played the spinoffs. KH Spoof: Overlooked by jojo56830 on deviantART

Play EVERY kingdom hearts game!you don't finish them at least watching the storylines helps out! It'll get even more confusing if you don't keep up with the story

Keyblades (and chakrams). I want to own these keys

Keyblades (and chakrams)

Keyblades (and chakrams). I want them all ♡ ( my kingdom key broke .

Kingdom Hearts

KH BBS Spoof: Cartwheel by jojo56830.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

KH BBS Spoof: If you played kh bbs you'll get it this is my strategy for this fight:cartwheel, get some attacks in, cartwheel, heal, cartwheel

Kyaaa~~~!!!! Chibi's!!!!!!!!

Ventus, Vanitas, Sora & Roxas ~ loll I just saw this and I was like "omg they're deamons" -.- I think I've watched too much supernatural episodes today xd