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Robot Octopus Swims with Lifelike Arms. Researchers in Greece, have made a robot octopus that can propel itself through water using only its 8 arms.


The most intelligent invertebrate - octopus. One species even uses coconut shells to build shelters. User of tools, anyone?


Octopus Ocean Sealife Handmade Lampwork Collectable Glass Pendant Bead Sculpture by glassroger.

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Hawaii Day Octopus (Octopus Cyanea) Midwater With Sunburst Underside Canvas Art - Dave Fleetham Design Pics x

octopus  | two-spotted octopus blends in to its surroundings by mimicking drift ...

How Octopuses Work

Octopus Personality and Lucretia McEvil - The octopus personality can actually vary from one to the other. Learn about the octopus personality and how the personality of an octopus is studied.


Safe and sound: A sneaky octopus found the perfect hiding place - after squeezing into a discarded clam shell

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lunulata, one of several species called the blue-ringed octopus, is found in the Indo-West Pacific and Indian Oceans.

Look mom another one!

Pregnant male seahorse giving birth. In seahorses, the female deposits her eggs into the male's pouch, so the male is the one who gets pregnant and gives birth!

Baby Cephalopod Octopus

Cephalopods, Cuttlefish and Deep Sea Octopus (Graneledone boreopacifica)

See: bibliodyssey.blogspot.com/2011/08/neapolitan-cephalopods....

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Purple jellyfish (Águilas, Spain) Pelagia noctiluca, about 15 cm long by…

Black Rat Snake 02, via Flickr. - non venomous.. See the head, eyes, length & body shape are different from venomous snakes

Black Rat Snake - non venomous. See the head, eyes, length & body shape are different from venomous snakes