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Got yarn with missing labels? Calculate Picks Per Inch to determine the yarn size so you know if you can use it in a pattern you like. 4Ufrom KnittingGuru

I'm not gonna make it. I can't ... broken and falling apart , can't breath , have anixtey attacks every other min and lose it, and can't catch my breath ... wtf am I supposed to do .....

The Prince and The Princess

If you are introducing two digit addition to your students soon, you won’t want to miss these three tips for teaching two digit addition. Your students will love these fun math activities (especially #2), and there is even a freebie to make your next math lesson easier to prep for!

I love all of you, your soul is interwoven with mine and that beautiful face is simple a wonderful bonus!!! Love always beautiful!!

24 Movies You Probably Missed This Year, But Should Definitely See

You won't find any of these 2016 releases among the year's <a href="" target="_blank">100 top-grossing movies</a>, but that doesn't mean they aren't well worth watching.

Am I the only one that looks at my lettering for my #interactivewhiteboard some days and think, "What in the world is going on here?!" On a more positive note, at least I got the day right! #miss5thswhiteboard #wackywednesday

Star Wars: Who would your mom be in a galaxy far, far away? Carrie Fisher: Natalie Portman

Nishinoya's is my fav: "you're still below me." / haikyuu / karasuno /