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1959 Cadillac Cyclone concept car

1959 Cadillac Cyclone concept car I thought this was The Firebird when I first saw it.

Hells Angels On Wheels, by Richard Rush, 1967: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0v4ZBx7HAqI

Jack Nicholson - Movie poster - Le Retour des anges de l'enfer (Hells Angels on Wheels) de Richard Rush

I can hear Edith Piaff from here...

dual-head-mounted-listening-device listening vintage hearing hear listen military invention device man ears

Crazy Gear Heads With Tools in 1910 I love the Fact Somebody thought This Up one Day.

Part car, part mobile air-conditioning system, this propeller-driven vehicle hails from the earliest days of the crazy car. The picture was taken in France in

Professor Karl Schlör from AVA (an Aerodynamic Testing Institute in Göttingen) came up with a rear-mounted-engine aerodynamic shape with an unbelievable drag coefficient of 0.13 - and presented the completed working concept car in 1939 at the Berlin Auto Show. While a fascinating historical relic, the Schlörwagen doesn’t have much to teach us about automotive design, Livingstone says. It was simply too singular in purpose, with little concession to the other things we want from our cars.

Karl Schlör and his invention, the incredibly aerodynamic 1939 Schlörwagen Pillbug. The car achieved an impressive drag coefficient (Cd) of unbelievably low even for today. Due to the start of WWII this car was not produced, and the only one made

The most unusual retro vehicles (24 pictures)

The Dynasphere was a monowheel electric vehicle invented in 1932 by Dr. Purves from Taunton, Somerset, UK. It had horse power and once attained a speed of 25 mph.How do I change the wheel?

Strange Concept Cars From The Past That Never Made It Into Production

Dodge concept car every guy my age remembers this car from the first hot wheels series that came out . this was so cool it was the first hot wheels car that i stole.