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School of Engineering at Lancaster University / John McAslan + Partners

http://www.archdaily.com/617728/school-of-engineering-at-lancaster-university-john-mcaslan-partners/?utm_source=ArchDaily List

Lucien Rose Complex / Atelier du Pont

Built by Atelier du Pont in Rennes, France with date Images by Luc Boegly. Dreamed by of Edmond Herve, Mayor of Rennes from 1977 to 2008 and a leading figure on the French political scene, the...

Nursing Home / Gärtner+Neururer

Built by Gärtner+Neururer in Esternberg, Austria with date 2008. Images by Klaus Costadedoi. Situated next to a church in a small upper austrian village, the home for the elderly consits of 3 Volumes that are s...

Just a Selection. - Kazuyo Sejima - Gifu Kitagata apartment building,... sanaa trap trappen gaanderij appartementen gevel

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