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John as a teenager with father, John Dillinger Sr.

John as a teenager with father, John Dillinger Sr.

ma barker pictures | The back bedroom as it was in 1935 when the FBI took this photo.

OCKLAWAHA — We start at the boathouse, a long wooden box perched on the north shore of Lake Weir. Ma Barker sat on this dock 77 years ago, writing letters to her son, describing an enormous alligator named Old Joe.

In 1920, Lucky Luciano helped to manage an upscale casino called ‘Brooks,’ opened in 1919 and owned by Arnold Rothstein, which was located in Saratoga Springs. Rothstein had also helped finance Lucky, and his good friend Meyer Lansky, and a group of other investors, into their own place-‘The Chicago Club’- located near the railway station in the Springs.

Charles "Lucky" Luciano, considered the father of modern organized crime in the US.First official boss of the Genovese crime family. Died of a heart attack in Naples Airport.

Dillinger's corpse

Dillinger's corpse

Meyer Lansky NYWTS 1 retouched.jpg

Meyer Lansky (born Meyer Suchowljansky, July 1902 – January known…

Sammy "The Bull" Gravano and John Gotti http://pinterest.com/susanstein18/john-gotti/

John Gotti and Sam Garavano Mafia Boss Photo 11 x 14

New York John Gotti Sam Garavano Mafia Gambino Crime Boss Hitman Photo 11 x 14

'PRETTY BOY' FLOYD: Mugshots of the FBI's most wanted criminals in 1934…

Charles Arthur Floyd, AKA Pretty Boy, was bestowed the “Public Enemy Number One” title upon Dillinger’s death, largely because he was wanted for the murder of two policemen and two FBI agents in an event known as the Kansas City Massacre.

History Photograph - Frank Nitti 1881-1943 Chicago Gangster by Everett

Frank Nitti 1881-1943 Chicago Gangster Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Everett

Frank Nitti Chicago gangster who was convicted of tax evasion with Al Capone.

Dillinger poses with some guns, possibly used in  his escape (AP)

John Dillinger He was an American gangster and bank robber. During the Depression-era Dillinger robbed 2 dozen banks and four police stations.

Harry “Handsome Harry” “Pete” Pierpont was the only member of the Dillinger

Harry “Handsome Harry” “Pete” Pierpont was the only member of the Dillinger