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Love Mondays series, bringing you stories of digital nomad couples from around the world who love their Mondays! Rob and Nat have been full-time travellers for the past 16 months, working online as they explore the world. The couple are behind the blog Love and Road and I chatted with them to find out how they manage their digital nomad lifestyle.

Nomad Marriage - New Style of Travel and Living

Nomad Marriage - New Style of Travel and Living | Natalie Deduck for Huffinton Post UK If you want to learn a little bit more about our nomad marriage, or have a sneak peek of this unusual routine, be inspired by Love and Road, Hecktic Travels, Yes Nomads and Nomad´er How Far. Maybe you become a nomad too!

With Nat & Rob, It’s About Love and the Road! The successful story of a Brazilian #DigitalNomad Couple via @timleffel

Travel Moments: Natalie and Rob of Love and Road Our journey around the world started 8 months ago and our desire is to inspire people to travel better and more. But we never thought that our life story would impact so much in someone’s life until last August when we visited an old friend in Italy.

Around the world…in Love! – Natalie & Robson of Love and Road. "So, here comes our second story in the series of ‘Around the world… in Love’. The story of Natalie and Robson of Love and Road."

"What's Your Craziest Story in a Foreign Country?" - The Hungry Partier I hope reading these stories will give you some inspiration to step out of your comfort zone and create lifelong memories. Make sure to click on the blue links next to each person’s name to visit their blog. And don’t forget to share your craziest story in the comments below! » Love and Road is on the lis!!

WorldPackers by Love and Road This is the first time we stop by here and it’s a pleasure to share some ideas, plans and travel tips. But first, let me introduce us: We are Natalie and Robson, but you can call u...

Blogger Spotlight: Meet Nat & Robson from Love and Road

Blogger Spotlight: Meet Nat & Robson from Love and Road - by Ashley Fleckenstein | Nov 14, 2014 | Hey guys! So for this month’s Blogger Spotlight we have Nat and Robson from Love and Road, a Brazilian expat couple who blog in both English and Portuguese- a task I can’t even imagine tackling. Nat and Robson love partying, Ireland and street art, so naturally I had lots of questions for them!

The best cities for street art - chosen by travel bloggers, part 2

The Best Cities for Street Art - chosen by Travel Bloggers A while ago I asked couple of travel bloggers what are their favourite street art cities and they came up with some really great answers that you can find here. Today let me show you some more amazing destinations that every street art lover should visit!