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Madeline Carroll in Terani Couture style P210

Madeline Carroll at the Premiere of Justin Biebers Movie Never Say Never wearing Terani Couture

madeline carroll - Google Search

madeline carroll - Google Search

elizabeth olsenliberal arts movie stills | Elizabeth Olsen - 'Liberal Arts' - Photocall

Elizabeth Olsen Photos Photos: 'Liberal Arts' - Photocall

callan mcauliffe - Google Search

callan mcauliffe - Google Search

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Micah talks about the new kid. Sunny enters, Cato is absolutely lovestruck

[ Fc: Victoria Moroles ] Hayden is a sixteen year old girl who loves sports and is a little bit of a prankster. She's very outgoing and isn't afraid to back down from any argument. Hayden and Liam have an unusual relationship at the moment.

Jessica Marie Garcia and Victoria Moroles in Liv and Maddie

Jordyn Jones and Russ at @DayNNightFest  IG: https://www.instagram.com/p/BY6OCU7nvim/ #jordynjones #actress #model #dancer #singer #designer https://www.jordynonline.com

Jordyn Jones and Russ at @DayNNightFest IG: https://www.instagram.com/p/BY6OCU7nvim/ #jordynjones #actress #model #dancer #singer #designer https://www.jordynonline.com

Dove Cameron

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Before the split: The star looked stunning when she first arrived on the red carpet at the Royal Opera House

Hayley Atwell's figure-hugging dress SPLITS at the BAFTAs

Madeline Carroll ♥

Madeline Carroll ♥

I've already got my entire life story figured out.    I was Prince Charming's sister before he became the prince, and one day (after he left for the palace) guards came to our house and I had to hide in the woods, where I got lost, met this guy (who turns out to be Robin Hood )who raised me and after he dies, I become Robin Hood. That's the condensed version.......

Once Upon a Time. most of the princess roles are taken.but, if I were to pick one, I would want to be Jane Porter from Tarzan.