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I Don't ship it because ITS HIMSELF, but this was so funny! I feel like that's how they became friends or something! XD
This garden friend eats his veggies, do you? #eatyourveggies #carrots #SchoolGardens
love the look on Bruce's face! <-- Haha I'm not sure whether he's trying not to laugh or he's like, "Well, Tony's not wrong..."
1p and 2p Germany and Prussia Hetalia<--- Put two opposite ends together...
Stuff My Guinea Pig Does... funny cute animals adorable animal pets humor funny animals funny pets guniea pig
funny Katniss Peeta Hunger Games on imgfave
2p FACE family.>>> IM DYING LOL!! XD<<< you should probably see a doctor about that
I only do this when they do it to hope and prove a point! Can't stand when I invite someone somewhere and they are texting and looking at their phone! So rude!
lol xD   being a grammar freak though, Doug did not have PERFECT english... ;P
Ouran Highschool Host Club Tamaki: I SHALL TRY THE COMMONER'S SPRINKLES!!!. *collective gasps* Girl: He's SO brave!
God creating animals. Part 3 is here, Enjoy!
master-miruco: Lol sorry but idk the source I’m sorry, this is so amazing Hold my timmies!! This is GOING DOWWNN!!
This is so true  It hasn't been a year since I joined this fandom but stanning this group makes me so happy! They had to undergo so much trouble but yet B.A.P keeps on being strong. They are one of the most talented and passionate idols I know. I hope they keep on living there dreams and doing what they believe in. Babyz will always be there to support them no matter what! B.A.P Hwaiting! BABYz Hwaiting!
Mytamponjustfellout has been waiting for that perfect moment to say that comment. Props man
Tumblr funny/ AWSOMESAUSE