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23 year-old Anne Blackwell has always been alone and mostly likes to keep to herself. But that all changes when she comes face-to-face with a group of stranger...

And even if it seems like all Daryl does is kill, kill, kill, then pose like some manic Greek Reasons Why Daryl Dixon Is The Sexiest Man On “Walking Dead”

When The Walking Dead returns for its fourth season on Sunday, Oct. it will be seven and a half months since we last saw the splatter of black blood or heard the delightful slurping noises attending every zombie kill.

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon -- this is the only person I like on Walking Dead now. But he's so awesome that I'd put up with 45 minutes of useless assholes just to watch him say two lines in an hour long show. -word to whoever wrote this .s

...White is for the light that I no longer see, and so I dream of darkness and of all the shades between... HD, I beg of you! Video content: The Walking Dead...

Let's face it: AMC's "Walking Dead" wouldn't be what it is today without Daryl Dixon. Even though Norman Reedus' character wasn't in Robert Kirkman's...

28 Reasons Why Daryl Dixon Is The Sexiest Man On "Walking Dead"

"They well out of his beautiful eyes, and force our eyes to also leak out less beautiful tears." -That's why he's HOT!