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I like the disease

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lol -i feel like they did say middle names before...i must research this lol

these guys are too funny!

Song Remains the Same - Alex Winchester + Castiel, Alex: Make funny faces, guys, I’m sending this to...

Jared Padalecki gifs As requested by this lovely person! ** None of these gifs are mine! Feel free to take what you like!

Redemption...Gadreel <--well I'm in tears. I never got to hear the full speech next time. He will always be remembered as one of the heroes to me.

This guy is a real hero on Supernatural who give heaven a second chance.


Metratron sold pirate DVDs on iCarly?


Holy Terror cas is back in town

I'm really worried about Zeke after 9x03 and his comment about being useful plus sending Cas away... If he turns out to be Lucifer, the fandom will NEVER trust ANYONE again...

Dean: I'm trusting you, Zeke. I just gotta hope you're one of the good guys. But then I suppose. That's what a bad guy would say.

They have a GIF for Abraham Lincoln:

Definitive Proof That The "Supernatural" Fandom Has A GIF For Everything

They have a GIF for Abraham Lincoln:

I saw this like the day before I saw the episode. As soon as Dean and Bobby pulled up to the Roadhouse, I knew exactly what had happened. -MS

my mouth just dropped open in horror. how dare you.

Only on Supernatural is trying to figure out how to kill a giant teddy bear legit.

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Dean: I don't want some giant, flaming, pissed-off Teddy Bear on our hands! ---One of my favorite episodes

[giset] Oddly some of the characters we love and miss the most have appeared in the fewest episodes Ohh death

[giset] Oddly some of the characters we love and miss the most have appeared in the fewest episodes <<< Gabriel is one of the most loved characters EVER but his episode count is so low!




Have you considered the possibility that you suck? Supernatural is the best Mazur Bucklein McKenzie Laine

I just can't anymore....

And then Ruby married Sam and they all lived happily ever French Mistake land

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I wish I could check my closet and find Dean Winchester!

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