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Oh my goodness! Just thinking about it gives me fangirl syndromes *v*

I would love the whole entire world forever. Even those who hate Kpop.

K-Pop Bucket List... well, I don't force all my friends to like this, but I'm hoping to get as many of them to like it as possible :D!

K-Pop Bucket List.most of my friends like kpop already but i need to get my few non kpop fans into this wonderful fandom.

And most likely said friend will also say they look like girls

When I showed my friend kpop for the first time she looked at me and shook her head like I was some crazy person and know she really likes and have I done to my friend?

Who dares to turn down Super Junior?

[kpop] random other cheer!

Who dares to turn down Super Junior? I wouldn't turn you down sj

kpop fans can relate - Google Search

Aishh means something like "Good grief", Yahh means "Hey!" and Chincha means "really".add Aigoo to that list, and it'd be about right.

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How can people that beautiful make faces like this? It will forever baffle me (however i'm pretty sure I resemble L and Lee Joon in the mornings;