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Very simple design / good photography but poor choice of Typeface and color.

Gardens to Go: Tiny Colorful Bike Planters

Take gardens with you wherever you go. Designer Colleen Jordan of Atlanta creates the planters digitally with modeling software. They’re then 3D printed out of nylon, hand-dyed and sealed. The planters come in shades of red, orange, blue and green. Jordan recommends using succulent cuttings that have just begun to root, or large air plants.

How to Add a Fixed Gear Cog to a Track Bike

It all starts here — whether you want to convert your single-speed to a fixed-gear or add a new gear ratio to your current fixie — pick a cog to suit your needs and abilities.

Fixed Fat Bike These bikes are Stupid if you ask me. Lets see... Um, can you make me a bike with 20 pound wheels that handle like shit?

Bone-shaker magazine cover! Follows the theme they have going. Pastel colors / 2-3 color print / screen print design