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Dominic Monaghan as 'Charlie Pace' on ABC's Lost

"Tabula Rasa" – Publicity still. Claire and Charlie, two iconic images side-by-side in the same beautiful shot.

Charlie Pace from LOST. Because Sawyer is just too mainstream. :P

Charlie Pace - Lost - Greatest Hits -- One of the most intense episodes as far as feels go

Things I learned from LOST- Made this because I LOVE lost :)- lost tv show jack Shepard, Hurley Reyes, Kate Austen, sawyer ford, Benjamin Linus, mr eko, Clair Littleton, Charlie pace, Jacob, man in black, sun and jin Kwon, Bernard and rose Nadler, Richard Alpert, John locke, Vincent the dog, ,Michael Dawson, Walt Lloyd, sayid jarrah, Daniel faraday, miles Straume, desmond and penny hume, Danielle Rousseau, Alex Rousseau, Juliet Burke

Things I learned from LOST -Jack Shepard, Hurley Reyes, Kate Austen, Sawyer…

I got Charlie Pace! Which "Lost" Guy Is Your Soulmate? | Right on! I love Charlie. <3 Desmond is my favorite, though...but still!!

Which "Lost" Guy Is Your Soulmate?

Which "Lost" Guy Is Your Soulmate I got Charlie, yay, he's my fave.