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Just lol'ed

When I go jogging…

Funny pictures about When I go jogging. Oh, and cool pics about When I go jogging. Also, When I go jogging.

This just happened in one of my classes this week. I didn't laugh.

Group Projects, so true. And as the Bradley Cooper of most groups, I really hate group work; It may as well just be an independent assignment, that way I can do it exactly the way I want.

Cash me outside how bout dat?

I get this at work all the time! I didn't realize how many people can't spell or write a check lol

I always tell myself, it's okay Erin it's only one video; then in comes the classic SpongeBob narration  ( 2 HOURS LATER) And then you realize you can never get the time back you just wasted

Not a video of how to talk to a giraffe but more video of how to do your make up and stuff

Oh sweat pants, how I love you !

The purpose of sweatpants…

Laugh 'Til You Fart @ http://funnypictures247.com

All the time! This is so me! How I flush public toilets / Funny saying with pic


So. [Image is a mock Nature Valley granola bar package reading “Fucking Crumbs Everywhere (you need like a bowl to eat this shit)”]

"We don't usually pick up hitchhikers. Buuuuut, I'm willing to go with my instincts on this one. Saddle up partner!"

The Ron Burgundy ~ KVWN 4 News Flash: Please exercise extreme caution,do not approach this suspicious hitchhiker holding looney sign.Funny Pictures Of The Day