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Traveling  KATE: Why Las Vegas is the Best City to visit in America...

Traveling KATE: Why Las Vegas is the Best City to visit in America.


May 4 Lower South Falls, Silver Falls State Park. The trial of ten falls is worth the driving. Taking photos of falls is really challenging.

A City With Snow Mountain View

Evening of Jan 4 Mount Hood could be seen from SW Bancroft Street toward east. Along SW Terwillig…

Cherry Blossom

Noon of Mar 25 Liberal Arts Quadrangle in University of Washington, it was just the time that cherry blossoms were in full bloom.

Willamette River

There are a few significant landscapes and buildings, from left to right: Japanese American Historical Plaza, NW Fremont Bridge, NW Broadway…

For Lease

White Stag Sign is a historical nero sign of Portland, Oregon. From brand of sugar, to of sportswear, to location sign. A nero sign, which stands th…

Multnomah Falls

The falls drops in two major steps, split into an upper falls of 542 feet m) and a lower falls…

Traveling  KATE: 5 Ways Travel Makes You Fabulous

5 Ways Travel Makes You Fabulous

San Francisco Night

Night of Dec 26 from Coit Tower, Telegraph Hill, toward south, Financial District.

Traveling  KATE: My 5 Favorite National Parks

Out of 59 America the Beautiful's National Parks, I have visited Here's my 5 favorite NPs. Yellostone, WY, ID & MT It is.