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"For the last few months, I couldn't shake the feeling that either me, my daughter, or both of us would not make it out of this one..."

"Parenthood has presented us with so many late nights working as a family. It has cemented us in ways I could never have imagined. But looking back, I feel like we were a family long before I realized."

"We lived in the hospital for six months since her immune system was so compromised." #ChildhoodCancerAwareness

2. That first night in the hospital, those awesome nurses are going to offer to take the baby to the nursery so you can sleep. LET THEM.

An honest account from a mom who's young son has cancer -- and how her other sons have had to learn to make due with less of her time.

YouTuber La Guardia Cross interviewed his 1-year-old daughter Amalah and she provided some hilarious insight to his most burning questions. (Like, "Why don't you sleep through the night?")

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