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Thara Himalaya #Lakorn. With Aum Atichart Chumnanon, #Kimberly Ann Voltemas & Kong Sorawit Suboon. 1st Story of 4 Huajai Haeng Koon Kao (4 Hearts of the Mountains). #Nam, the youngest of the quadruplets of the #Adisuanrangsan Farm meets #Phuwanet and falls in love. The man who she believed to be a simple worker turns out to be the Crown Prince of Parawat. #Drama #Romance

Ab Ruk Online -Awatsaya is a beautiful boss with bright future. She is in her mid-30's and expected to remain single, until she secretly falls in love with the new hired young man, Pranon. He's the perfect man, who just got his heartbroken. He's handsome, talented and kind. But she can't allow her position and image to be impacted, so she uses an online chat program to court him.

Leh Roy Ruk - arn (Cherry) is a pretty lady who is a swindler. She and her mother are in a lot of debts because of her mother’s gambling, so she decides to drug a man and steal a ring from him.The ring is an heirloom, it belongs to Phubadee (Great), a playboy and heir to a great fortune. Because of Tarn, Phubadee was attacked and loses his memory. Tarn then lies to him that she is his wife because she wants to swindle 10 million from him in order to repay her creditors.