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Here Are 3 Food Markets that You Can't Miss in Seville

Seville is home to its fair share of food markets, but three markets stick out as something truly special. Here are our favorite local markets in Seville.

Start Your Day In Seville Right! Here's How You Order Your Coffee In Seville.

When most people think of drinks in Spain, they think of sipping on a glass of tempranillo red wine or perhaps a cool cerveza in a local square. But coffee is just as important in Spain, and the locals have their own times of day and ways of how to order coffee in Seville.

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11 Delicious Foods You Have To Eat In Santorini, Greece…

Pomegranates… Delicous and oh so juicy when ripen in the Greek sunshine. I was going to add grapes to the list of fresh fruits too but I’m pretty sure all the grapes are used to make wine. Actually, my own knowledge of the Greek wine industry is drinking it so I really don’t know what happens so the grapes… :-)