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Mario 64 Mario Custom Socks Socktimus Prime by SocktimusPrime

Astral Travel in Dreams: Can It Be Done?

Astral Travel for beginners. What is astral projection? What are some astral travel techniques? Learn how to Astral Travel in dreams -

How to Contact your Spirit Guide

Have you wondered How to Contact your Spirit Guide, or maybe how to get closer to your guides and recognize their presence in your life? Learn more here:

Reverence for the Goddess is becoming prevalent in our day. The Goddess is embraced by witchcraft, radical feminism, the occult, and the liberal church. In order for this feminine age to come into full fruition, a shift in consciousness must take place in the world. This shift in thinking and perception of reality will bring forth the Goddess. - Art - "Eve" by Leigh J McCloskey

How to create your personal altar

Personal altars are a great tool to set up a sacred space to help your spiritual practice and dedication to being more mindful. Here is a quick and easy guide to setting up yours! | Rogue Wood Supply