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Powerful Portable Waterproof Speakers

Powerful Portable Waterproof Speakers - BRAVEN Mira Speakers Make a Splash at CES 2014 (GALLERY)

Capable of auto-following and auto-filming the subject, the Hexo+ is designed for everyone to take amazing Hollywood-style aerial shots and videos easily. Being able to fly at a maximum speed of 70km/h, the Hexo+ can be controlled with a few simple gestures on the smartphone

Researchers design an 'artificial nose' to detect DNA differentiation with single nucleotide resolution

5 Smart Home Technologies That Save You Money - Clean Technica

Point Home Security Solution Listens And Senses The The Air (video)

Can I get that for an Android? ;) want so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Suits: Made in the Shade

Mini Koo by Koostik Sound: Combined with the upward-facing speaker, the resonance of the wood gives music a subtle lift.

3.5mm Ear Jack Mobile SmartPhone Speaker

Shower Shaving Foot Rest

Every shower should have one of these!.

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