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22 Ways to Listen to Music in the Shower - From Waterproof Music Players to Musical Shower Fixtures (TOPLIST)

15 Creative USB Hubs and Unusual USB Hub Designs

It is easy for us to understand the meanings of the "Toaster USB Hub" and "Toast Flash Drives" literally. The Toaster USB Hub is shaped like a teeny toaster, while the Toast Flash Drives looks like a piece of toast that varies in different flavors.

So Much Want

Funny pictures about Inflatable Lawn Tent. Oh, and cool pics about Inflatable Lawn Tent. Also, Inflatable Lawn Tent photos.

solar powered tents. Maybe if I had this tent I would enjoy camping ;)

Solar-powered Tent Lets You Light Up Your Night

Solar-Powered Concept Tent by INOTES; a high-tech tent that harnesses solar energy to charge your gadgetry through a wireless charging pouch. This tent will allow campers to keep in touch and power their essential gadgets such as GPS or mobile phones.

loads negatives onto computer

Turn negatives into digital pictures. Great way to get rid of all of those piles of film negatives from 20 years ago that we all have had stashed away somewhere. Wow I have so many negatives! This is so awesome!

Do you need this? I do

There is a wheeled alarm clock available named Clocky. It runs away and hides and you need to get out of bed to stop its ringing.

Bracelet Key: Ideal for runners, women at parties with tight panties and clumsy distracted people like myself

Also great for kids of age to carry a house key - Bracelet key, no more putting keys in your pocket. Great for jogging and wearing pocketless pants. Dude I'm 14 and I still lose house keys I need this badly.

New Travel Charger Shuts Off When Its Work Is Done

Eco-friendly Mushroom GreenZero wall charger-Automatically shuts off with zero idle power when device is fully charged

scan an object for color and the pen copies it and then you write that color

A real life Eyedropper tool! This is awesome. A pen with a little censor that scans the color of the object you point it at, then you can write in ink that exact color, it's like the eyedropper tool in photoshop outside of the computer.

Lockitron permet de fermer et ouvrir la serrure de sa porte à distance, via son smartphone. Il est aussi possible de savoir depuis l'application si sa porte est bien fermée, partager les accès d'ouverture à d'autres personnes (momentanément ou non), et connaître en temps réel qui a ouvert ou fermé la serrure. Lorsqu'une personne ouvre la porte, une notification est envoyée via l'application. http://techobject.net/objets/lockitron

Place the Lockitron over existing deadbolt, and connect to phone; use phone to lock or unlock door from anywhere. Fits on inside of the door. Device has Bluetooth; walk up to door, and it automatically unlocks.

This is amazing....a toaster that toast your hand written message on each slice

This toaster by Sasha Tseng incorporates a little message board where one can read quick notes. The message also gets “toasted” into the toast itself so it gives new meaning to “read while you eat”. Via Yanko Design