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The 3/4 Place Keeper Chair by Julian Sterz

So begins Julian Sterz’s ”Diploma Thesis on the Topic Place-Keeper,” an investigation into identity and archetypes. Taking arguably the most recognisable expression of design, a chair, he experiments with what makes it a chair – how much form and functionality can you take away before it ceases to be a chair?

Right-Handed Designer Reinterprets Rietveld's Most Famous Chair ... Left-Handed

"The Left-handed Rietveld Chair is based on right-handed Berthier's southpaw drawings of Gerrit Rietveld's Red and Blue Chair, one of the most widely recognized artifacts of the de Stijl movement. Berthier, a French designer, then gave his drawings to a carpenter, who built five identical chairs to spec." Caption from link

For Lennart Van Uffelen, There's No Fun in Functionality

"Functionality Kills the Fun" is a new line of "broken" furniture by Lennart Van Uffelen, inspired by his philosophy "Functionality is overrated!"