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semaines 31 Bulles

semaines 31 Bulles

The Invincible Summer Art Print | "In the midst of winter I found there was within me an invincible summer"

The Invincible Summer by Kavan And Co motivationmonday print inspirational black white poster motivational quote inspiring gratitude word art bedroom beauty happiness success motivate inspire

The Big Bang Theory Episode Stills ~ Season 1, Episode 1: Pilot #amusementphile

A Look Back: The Big Bang Theory Series Premiere

Moda geek: camisetas usadas por Sheldon, da série “The Big Bang Theory”, viram hit na internet

"Stupid people.... my faith in humanity just got hit with a meteor, burned to a crisp, and was then locked into a room with Justin Beiber." Am dying from the previous pinner's comment!!

Dumbest things said on the Internet…

Faith in humanity lost. wow, just wow The sun is a sun dipshit! Can't decide whether to laugh or cry in despair at the human race

Allison Supron featured Play typography designs

Playful Typography Designs That Will Inspire Your Creativity



Beard type

Beard type

Funny pictures about The beard alphabet. Oh, and cool pics about The beard alphabet. Also, The beard alphabet.

3D type,craft

These paper designs are really clever in their use of lighting as it's possible that this alphabet wouldn't be visible without this specific lighting.

Upside down reflection

Funny pictures about Feral Reflections. Oh, and cool pics about Feral Reflections. Also, Feral Reflections photos.

Wow!  Do you think they capsized?

Deadly Jump Whales are usually harmless and gentle but as we know they are huge wild animals and they like to jump and play. This little fishing boat was more than splashed as the whale landed squarely on it killing all its passengers.

semaine 25 Photographier, c'est garder la mémoire des jolis moments

semaine 25 Photographier, c'est garder la mémoire des jolis moments