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Jessica Chastain gets a new haircut - the bangs were inspired by Brigitte Bardot -Celebrity news & gossip as and when it happens - online at Keep up to date with all your favourite celebrities.

Brigitte Bardot is the only woman outside of the women in my family who can wear the hell out a hat. These two photos are just so HER. I don't know how else to explain it. I wish more women wore hats. Hats attract and captivate. She rocked her sky!

Happy Bastille Day! Celebrate With a Look Back at Our Favorite French Style Icons, From Yesterday and Today: Brigitte Bardot is the quintessential French sexpot. La francaise--and fashion--wouldn't be the same without her.

Mick Jagger posed for the above mug shot in 1967 after being arrested in England on a narcotics charge. Jagger, was busted after police, acting on a tip, raided the country home of fellow Rolling Stone Keith Richards, who was also collared. Jagger, pho

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Devoted to Brigitte Bardot -- one of the most beautiful women ever, an everlasting icon style and the genuine French actress who revoluted the concept of 'female'. I do not own ANY of this material,...

Where education is an adventure in self-discovery ~fun~ Local Siren Soirees & meetups - Take a day trip to the fantastical realm of your dreams with a Genie, Naiad, Flapper, Fae, Pin-Up party or reverie of choice. ~fitness~ Fantasy...

oooh my gracious! i do this too!! randomly touch my nose while im talking...!! for noo reason and i dont even notice until somebody makes a piggie sound!

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