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Sasha Grey chilling on my bed, super normal...

Sasha Grey chilling on my bed, super normal.

Apparently, Japan is covered in magical and irresistibly cute animal sanctuaries. We’ve heard about the bunny island and cat island, but there’s also a fox village, where six different species of fox romp and play together in a battle for your attention (and probably for your food, too). This magical oasis of foxiness is called Zao Fox Village, and it’s located in Japan’s Miyagi prefecture. For 100 yen (or about 85 US cents), visitors are provided with food, but because the foxes are not…

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* * " Me be an idealist. Me don'ts know where me be goin' but me be on me way."

Then vs Meow: How Technology Has Changed Cats' Lives (15 Pics)

I want one of these.so pretty! I would so suffer through my allergies for The Cheshire Cat The British Shorthair Cat

Hi. I'm Greywater. I work hard everyday with my Clan, getting the job done. I'm confident, loyal and fast. I have long legs and a shorthaired coat to get me winding through the forest, catching prey easily. *Up For RP; Tom*

Baby Marshmallow - 28th September 2015

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