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Richard Stannard’s Top Swim Sessions

Richard Stannard’s Top Swim Sessions

Swim Kick Sets You Won’t Hate

If the words “kick set” instill frustration, put the kickboard away and try one of these different methods.

Drill-It Set:  400 wu 4×50 w/ 15 s rest (25 right arm, 25 left arm) 4×50 w/ 15 s rest (25 catch up, 25 fingertip drag) 4×50 w/ 15 s rest (25 Tarzan, 25 3-6-3 drill) 4×50 w/ 15 s rest (25 fist drill, 25 underwater recovery) 6×100 w/ 40 s rest (75 free, 25 non-free) 100 easy 6×75 pull w/ 30 rest (3/5/7 breathing pattern by 25) 100 cd *2400 Total*

Another creative pool workout from Triathlete contributor Sara McLarty.

Australian triathlete Ashleigh Gentle will compete at her first Olympics in Rio.

THE only debutant in the Australia womens triathlon team will take top form into the Games with Ashleigh Gentle completing her preparations for the Olympics with a silver medal in a major race in Canada.

Improve your triathlon transition time during your next race by taking off your wetsuit quickly and efficiently! Get ready for a smooth swim-bike transition.

Triathlon transition tips :: Swim - Bike :: How to take off your wetsuit… FAST!

Deal with unexpected open water swim scenarios

Pro triathlete Sarah Haskins, a 2008 Beijing Olympian, is one of the fastest swimmers on the ITU circuit. She gives advice on what to do in a few swimming scenarios that can throw triathletes off track.

Blog post containing links regarding endurance athletes, pulmonary embolism and deep vein thrombosis

Endurance athletes and blood clots


The technical explanation of why you should recover your arms a certain way during the freestyle stroke.


Swim Speed Series: Keep your head down. A proper head position means you're working less to move forward faster.