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Just hang this simple but colorful sun catcher

Diamond Twist Swarovski Crystal Suncatcher by HeartstringsByMorgan

Diamond Twist Swarovski Crystal Rainbow Maker, Suncatcher, with Swarovski Pendant and Swarovski Pink Crystals and Pearls - "TESS"

Namaste Long - Swarovski Crystal Sun Catcher, 10", 30mm Crystal Ball

Window Prism Swarovski Crystal Sun Catcher, Made Entirely With Swarovski Crystals, Crystal Ball with Rainbow Octagons - "NAMASTE"

8 1/2 Long 50mm Large Crystal Crescent by KrystalKatsMoonBeams, Krystal Kat's www.krystalkats.com/rainbows

7 to 8 Long Large Swarovski Crystal Crescent Moon Rainbow Suncatcher, Car Ornament Jewelry, Hanging Crystals, Window Crystals

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Crystal Sun Catcher - Endless Rainbow

The sun catcher circle was created using Swarovski Heart crystals in Lt.

Swarovski Crystal with 30mm Swarovski Ball by HeartstringsByMorgan

Swarovski Ball Topped with a Cluster por HeartstringsByMorgan


Swarovski Ball Topped with a Cluster of Swarovski Octagons in Rainbow Colors - "OLIVIA GRANDE Rainbow" Suncatcher - Crystal Pineapple

Swarovski Suncatcher Crystal Aurora Borealis Clear AB Rainbow

Swarovski Suncatcher Crystal Aurora Borealis Clear AB Rainbow

Rainbow Maker Swarovski Crystal Sun Catcher w/ 30mm Crystal

Crystal sun catcher pink and champagne colored window prism

10" Quadruple Rainbow Starburst - made with 32 - 14mm Rainbow Colored Octagon beads

10 Long Large Quadruple Rainbow Burst by KrystalKatsMoonBeams