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Morestel, Rhone Alpes

Beautiful building with gorgeous green shutters in Morestel, France. Source: Travel This World

Yellow Mailbox - Crete, Greece

Yellow Mailbox - Crete, Greece

European photo of blue door and flowers in Crete, Greece by Dennis Barloga

New York City, New York -  Must have at least one revolving door in my collection!!

Golden Doors

Golden Doors, New York, NY by Laura George - revolving door. Turnstile - I had never thought of this as a door before. This makes much more sense. Come in and stay for a while before you go out into the world.

Domme , Aquitaine

Domme - France by welcomeZrelax on Flirck. I like the double door with no windows. Double security if you are gone or if there is a bad storm. Great idea from a different culture!

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