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Do you know about all the ways students who are children of color, girls, and/or gender nonconforming are disadvantaged in our K-12 schools? Everyone needs to read this to understand how early privilege affects our lives.

Brooke Romney: 16 things I want my boys to know before the first day of school

The Total Transformation is a child behavior modification program for child anger problems like oppositional defiant disorder and defiant teens.

The Total Transformation Program provides parents with help for defiant children. Regain control of your family with our community forum, coaching calls, and guides.

Lire aux tout-petits bien avant qu'ils ne comprennent leur permet d'associer les livres et la lecture à l'amour et à l'affection...

His diaper is clean, his belly full, and he just woke from a nap, but boy, is he cranky. Baby's daddy sits down with baby snuggled into the crook of one arm and a book in the other hand. In seconds.

A boy with Down's Syndrome gets accepted into college, just watch his reaction.

Rion Holcombe, a young man with Down Syndrome, received one of the most important pieces of mail in his life: he was going to go to college! Just watch his reaction.

5 Reasons It's Important to Keep Sibling Groups Together

By default, siblings typically grow up together. They are best friends and they know how to push each other’s buttons. But sometimes there are circumstances.

Teaching kids to say sorry

Why saying sorry is important by