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blogs.webmd.com/breaking-news/2015/04/secret-to-weight-loss-food-not-exercise.html?ecd=soc_pin_042815_blog_secrettoweightlossfoodnotexercise As a doctor and a certified personal trainer, I kicked and screamed at first, but I can no longer argue with this much science.

Billy Beck III, 2-time Met-Rx World's Best Personal Trainer and Personal Trainer of the Year. Learn how to cut your body fat in half at www.BillyBeck.com Break through Diet Exposed- New Coffee Bean Has Scientists Saying "This Could Be The Best Weight Loss Cure For Every Body Type. Stores Across U.S Sold Out After Chief

The 21-day Programme to change your life. The other day I got mistaken for a morbidly obese colleague who has just qualified for a gastric bypass. To say I was absolutely mortified would be an understatement I mean had the ground been able to swallow me whole and never let me return Id have taken it! I have accepted that I had gained a little weight over the past year (well ok it was more like 4 stone than a few pounds) but I was sure that physically I hadnt changed that much. I was…

A personal trainer is great, but these frugal finds bring your workout into your own home without breaking the bank. | Fitbie.com

In 2015, Nora Bock hit her breaking point. She was battling depression, she couldn’t find a job and she was at her highest weight, 315 pounds. A year-and-a-half later, Bock is now on her way to completing her exams to be a certified personal trainer.

Learn how to write a fat loss program - the correct sets, reps and exercises to do with your personal training clients to deliver fast fat-loss results. Canada's top personal trainer John Paul Catanzaro goes in-depth and breaks down EXACTLY what YOU need to do with your one-on-one personal training clients to help them lose body fat, fast!

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