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"We're going to be in a dead-zone for a while..." "You mean...like a graveyard right?" "No...no wifi..." "BUT WITHOUT WIFI I'M NOTHING" - Sister and Brother

"We're going to be in a dead-zone for a while.like a graveyard right?no wifi.

Printed Circuit Board Design

For over 20 years, Dynamic FPC Design, Inc. has been a premier flex circuit design and printed circuit board design company. We design Flex, Rigid/Flex and Rigid PCB.


to believe that in this whole infinite universe that our one tiny planet is the only one occupying living creatures just sayin

Jupiter Thunder

◍iт'ѕ noт тнe world тнaт'ѕ crυel, iт'ѕ тнe people in iт◍ aesthetic ~green~ lightening

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