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Hey ladies, remember these? lol

I thought I was Cyndi and Madonna all rolled into one when I walked into school with my jellies, off-the-shoulder blouse, and arm full of swatches.

The fanny pack, a classic 80's accessory

Early in the aerobic craze! Oh yes, had my LA Gear high tops on trend lol

wishing the 80's hair would come back............lol. i think i might be the only one...........but i would be on the bandwagon!!!!

The hair poof. Took a lot of Aquanet hairspray though, Lol!

Intelevision-I had one of these in the 80's. It was the next best thing to an Atari, which my friend had!  On Atari, I LOVED to play Pitfall!!!!  On Intelevision, I liked Snafu, PT Boat, Blackjack, and tons more!

The Intellivision was one of Atari's competitors during the Generation. A fun console with a lot great games, and some nifty innovations too.

i not only wore these, but i used to make these for myself and my friends back in the 80's...i had a lot of fun making and wearing these.

Braided Ribbon Barrettes from the I remember having these in different colors .

Some have resided unused in a junk drawer for years, some have gone straight in the trash. Some have remained treasured memories.

I honestly CANNOT remember even what this show was about - just remember that I LOVED it!

LOVED this show when I was younger and that is how I got my nickname, Punky and still get called it til this day ~ I even had her Punky Brewster shoes :o)

little golden books!

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Anyone else get excited when they see these bindings?Golden Books - loved these always brings me back to my childhood love, reading!

80's CHARM NECKLACE: Do you remember these? I definitely had the abacus sunglasses and phone and the cat but i remember him gray

CHARM NECKLACE Loved these! i think i had half these charms including the abacus:)

Ralston's Cabbage Patch Kids Cereal, 1985

Ralston's Cabbage Patch Kids Cereal, 1985 I tell you, I can still remember how it tasted, I can't believe that recipe never re released as something else