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World Map Drawn in a Fool's Head, by an unknown artist, c. 1590

Fool’s Cap Map of the World, “one of the biggest mysteries in the history of western cartography”.

Ostrich Egg Map

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HEARTH SHAPED WORLD: This enchanting page is from the petite Pocket Atlas of the world by John Bartholomew The uncommon Stabius-Werner projection creates a fascinating and whimsical first page to the atlas.

My globe collection is growing thanks to our many visits to the flea market :) Now to find a good place for them in the house! LOL!

Samuel Genthner's Vintage Globe collection per Apartment Therapy's tour of his San Francisco Victorian flat.

Detailed world map topped with a scratch-off foil surface so you can show off the places you've visited (or keep track of where the treasure...

Deluxe World Scratch Map

Deluxe Scratch-Off World Map - Urban Outfitters ! I want this so bad for the apartment!

Old world charm and a traveler's mystique are packed in this World Map Suitcase Clock. The perfect size for a desktop, mantle or shelf, this clock will tell you when it's time to travel.

World Map Suitcase Clock

Turn back time and imagine yourself as an intrepid explorer using this vintage clock to boost your home's décor.

Vintage Custom Map Drawer Pulls! How cool!

Vintage Custom Map Drawer Pull

Hand-crafted vintage map drawer pulls will grace your drawers or cabinets in style. Each chrome steel knob holds a vintage 1935 map in the city of your choice.