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"Gimme Them Braaaaaains!"

"Gimme Them Braaaaaains!

Technically, the Frankenstein Monster is neither zombie nor ghoul - he is a "golem", not to be confused with Tolkien's Gollum. A golem is a creature cobbled together from human parts, and brought to life by electricity or even magic. He originates in Jewish folklore, as created by an old wizard rabbi.

Yeah Creepy is good.

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DIY googly eyed pumpkins

Undead Pumpkins

Undead Pumpkins Creating your own googly-eyed monsters has never been easier. Just don't get too close -- these guys look hungry. How to Make the Zombie Pumpkins

Living Dead Girl by Dan Brereton

Bride of Frankenstein - Dan Brereton

Neck Veins Make up - There are some interesting makeup looks out there, but the neck veins makeup this Flickr user is sporting is really out of this world. Looking like...

Creepy Body Art

Image Detail for - Grimlock Manor: Creepy Cool Makeup Effects! Wrong link but image is awesome

Universal Classic Monsters Art by Manuel Perez Clemente

Universal Classic Monsters Art by Manuel Perez Clemente

Every day is Halloween isn't it? For some of us..., spookyshouseofhorror: Zombie Cupcake

‘Gothic Cupcake ’ Art Print by melancholymoon

It's not Halloween without her!

an elvira christmas

Baxter, the Zombunny-Handsculpted and handpainted

Baxter, the Zombunny-Handsculpted and handpainted