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The Darkness performed on Tuesday at Irving Plaza

Comedian Mike Epps reschedules 'After Dark' performance at Birmingham's BJCC Concert Hall. (Full story at AL.com)

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After the reception we had a shuttle bus transport guests to the after party at Rancho De La Luna, which is a famous recording studio and also the personal residence of musician Dave Catching. We have a lot of friends who are musicians, so we held a sort of mini-concert under the stars. Jane Wieldin from the Go-Go's was a guest at the wedding and performed "Our Lips are Sealed" with Donita Sparks from L7. Our friend Dave dressed up like Bruce Springsteen and did "Dancing in the Dark." Bryan…

Thy Art Is Murder, Conqueror, Dark Sermon, Fit for an Autopsy & Rings of Saturn performed on Saturday at The Foundry Concert Club

Get the neighborhood boys (and girls!) together and let them rock out! Dress them in comfortable concert performance outfits like graphic tees, striped shirts, hoodies, dark jeans, and sneakers. Then add some instruments (a toy guitar, a set of drum sticks), plus some hats and hip shades. And make sure to gel some hair!

Me, yet again, performing Star Trek themes on the piano. This time, the theme from the television show 'Enterprise', or "Where The Heart Will Take Me". (Musi...

Darren performing "Not Alone" with the Walt Whitman's Soul Children of Chicago at the Kid's Inaugural Concert 2013 ♥ Darren, you supermegafoxyawesomehot dapper hobbit. Lyrics: (although if you're a Starkid, you shouldn't need these ;) ) I've been alone Surrounded by darkness I've seen how heartless The world can be I've seen you crying You f...

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