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this is pure art

this is pure art

Check out this whisper! http://whisper.sh/w/ufed731

Someone from Canton, New York, US posted a whisper in the group Teens👑, which reads "Whenever I'm in our group of friends, I always feel that I am the extra and unwanted one.

TAEHYUNG // MIC DROP #방탄소년단  #MicDropRemix ❤️✨

TAEHYUNG // MIC DROP #방탄소년단 #MicDropRemix ❤️✨

Today is my blog's 2nd birthday. Woo hoo! And I have to say, I'm really proud of myself. I started this blog because I wanted to write a book and this seemed like the best way to force myself to sh...

At the beginning of this year I remember thinking, "This is a brand new year. This is going to be an amazing year." Until July Then, My world literally fell apart my heart and soul broken. I lost my other half when he became his true evil self

SH S2.5 Weeping Lady Mary Wells' letter.

Icabod and his secret missive of love, served with an ample display of taco.

Long Hair Don't Care

This is shameless groundling Kabuki. These people would not know true love if the Bard himself wrote them a sonnet.