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I pinned this same thing a year ago when i wasnt sure it would ever happen. But here i am, thinking about last night smiling. Dreams do come true!! Baby u r the Repinned in hopes that some good fortune may come my way in this regard. So want this again.

Sorry for any beiber fans who see this but come on get over him we have good music hot bands and cookies...! Lol ok bye now...c:

Im tired of explaining to people who don't listen and don't care. I will no longer be answering their stupid questions.

Summertime lyrics (Danger Days: True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, My Chemical Romance). Frank Iero as Fun Ghoul.

the very last picture.... Even thou I never met Mitch I know he was a wonderful person and you will never be forgotten RIP love you Mitch Lucker