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Married... with children

Married... with children

Ours would be the letter W (and different date, of course)... I really like this idea for a 'couples tattoo'.

First Letter Of Last Name & Wedding Date? Or First Letter Of Children's Names & Their Birthdate? I like this idea but I think id for sure do my married name and wedding date!

This would be a sweet sister tattoo, but it would take a long time because of the detail. Individual's thumbprints to make a heart. I could handle it, I think. @Kelsey Schmitt

Craft your own finger print heart this Valentine's Day on a homemade personal card! It would be kind of cool to get your thumb print and your Valentine's too

fingerprint tattoos for women | meaningful small tattoos tumblr Meaningful Tattoos Ideas

Best Tattoo Designs Love Fingerprint for Couple or one for me with Jeff and Nikki's fingerprints. or kids fingerprints

I'd like to get my grandparents anniversary date. they would so not approve of the tattoo though! haha

Unique Tattoo Fonts & Inspiration for 2013

I love the font and general layout :-) Birth date tattoo. I woukd love baby boy's birthday

Birthday skeleton. I used to be horrified of skeleton monsters lurking upstairs when I was a kid. I can relate to this child's horror.

Birthday skeleton

Funny pictures about Birthday skeleton. Oh, and cool pics about Birthday skeleton. Also, Birthday skeleton photos.

8 Inch Browning Tribal Deer Family Hunting Buck Doe Decal Sticker | cafedecals - Housewares on ArtFire

8 Inch Browning Tribal Deer Family Hunting Buck Doe Decal… – Tattoo, Hunting And Family Not Something I Would Tattoo On Myself But Pretty Awesome

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The Art of Choosing the Perfect Font and Lettering for a New Tattoo

Kids name tattoo idea- this is too cool if you are wanting to put your children's names on your body this is a badass way to do it and yet simple! 8531 Santa Monica Blvd West Hollywood, CA 90069 - Call or stop by anytime.

I have a friend who is a Maths Professor. Now I don’t know much about Maths, but his passion for his subject is infectious. Every pore of his being exudes an intensity which is both inspiring and magnetic. The people that leave...

since the salt dough fingerprints didn't work, I think I'll just get a tat of my kiddos' fingerprints :)

"I Spy" reception game such a fun idea! A great way to increase the number of photos taken at your wedding.  I plan on providing disposable cameras for those who do not have their own.  :)

Geeky ink, I Spy, and a little Valentine's Day fun

I'd like to replace this with the name of me and my husband, then put it as a logo for our wedding (:

I love the infinity symbol ♥ Love this but I would have both of my kids names with me in the middle!