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Research shows 16% more calorie burn on the Arc Trainer vs. Eliptical. One year, 7 Pounds of Fat!

Research shows more calorie burn on the Arc Trainer vs. One year, 7 Pounds of Fat!

The Secret Is Out! The Cybex Arc Trainer.

The Cybex Arc Trainer is a truly unique piece of cardio equipment. Find out why the Arc beats an elliptical any day of the week.

Who's the winner? | Arc Trainer VS Elliptical

The Cybex Arc Trainer and an elliptical are both cardio machines which eliminate the shock caused by running. Find out how the Arc Trainer gives you better r.

machine pour les fesses

machine pour les fesses

Arc Trainer 770A Getting Started (+playlist)

Learn proper set up and how to get the best calorie burning, heart pumping workout on the Cybex Arc Trainer Lower Body. Learn more about the Arc Trainer.

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The Cybex Arc Trainer has proven time and time again to be an amazing piece in our arsenal of sports performance training equipment. We originally underestimated the piece, classifying it as just a…

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